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The Broken Circle Soap Co.

Soap Ends Loofah Pack

Soap Ends Loofah Pack

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Introducing our Soap End Loofah Bag – the perfect gift for eco-conscious bath enthusiasts! This thoughtfully crafted set combines the exfoliating power of a natural loofah with a sampler of our finest all-natural soap ends.

This eco-friendly gift is ideal for those who seek sustainable skincare solutions. Inside the bag, you'll find an assortment of soap end pieces, each bursting with unique scents and nourishing ingredients.

The loofah pouch not only provides gentle exfoliation but also extends the life of your soap, minimizing waste.

Whether you're shopping for a friend who's passionate about eco-conscious living or simply want to treat yourself to an eco-friendly spa experience, our Soap End Loofah Bag is a perfect choice.

It's a gift that embodies both practicality and indulgence, making it an ideal present for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion where you want to spread the joy of sustainable self-care. Give the gift of natural beauty, sustainability, and a spa-like experience with this unique and eco-friendly set.


Customer Reviews

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First Item Bought

This was one of the first items I bought with this company primarily because I am an advocate for supporting companies that limit their waste. It is so adorable and perfect for gift giving and perfect to try out their soaps before committing to buying them individually.

This will be my go to soap!

Let me just start with how wonderful this soap is! The loofah bag is a nice bonus as well. If your not sure what soap to get and you love a good loofah then look no further. The lather on this soap is impressive and I love the way it leaves my skin so soft. The nice scents of the oils infused in the soap are just the right amount. It’s not an overpowering scent like most soaps and just leaves a nice hint of the oils on your skin.

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