Collection: Soap

All of our handmade soaps are all-natural and palm oil free. We offer two types of bar soaps: vegan and goat's milk soap. Please see each individual post to identify which is which.  

Both soaps are made with skin-loving ingredients that nourish, moisturize and maintain the beauty of your skin without stripping away all the components that your skin relies on to stay healthy.


We hear often “Why buy your soap when I can get soap for .99 at the dollar store.” So, let’s break down WHY your skin can benefit from true, handmade soap.

Most all those inexpensive “soaps” are not true soaps. They are detergents, lathering agents and synthetic fragrances pumped full of chemicals and toxins that strip your skin's natural oils and disrupt the barrier your skin has to protect itself.

They also expose you to toxins and dry your skin out. Look at the label, can you pronounce any ingredients on it? Probably not. Also, you will notice that the label doesn’t say “soap.” It says something else such as “cleansing bar” or “beauty bar.”

Real, handmade soap offers nourishing and moisturizing skin benefits from the oils and butters used. They are all-natural, meaning they come from nature only. No need for toxins, chemicals, or additives. They help to maintain the skin’s barrier and keep the hydration in. They do not exacerbate skin irritations or skin conditions but rather, help and calm them.