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Rejuvenate | Goat Milk Soap

Rejuvenate | Goat Milk Soap

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 Indulge in the tranquil essence of Rejuvenate, meticulously crafted to evoke the serenity of a luxurious spa experience.

Perfect for those seeking a moment of relaxation amidst their daily routine, this soap transforms your shower into a soothing retreat.

The calming aroma appeals to anyone desiring a touch of self-care, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the rejuvenating power of a spa-like ambiance right at their fingertips.

Crafted With: 

Eucalyptus Essential Oil is said to strengthen the skin's natural moisture barrier by trapping water in the skin which in turn relieves dryness in the skin. 

Rosemary Essential Oil is said to reduce stress and fatigue. It is also said to help focus and improve alertness. 

Spearmint Essential Oil is said to be revitalizing and energy-inducing. It is also said to enhance mood, and concentration, and energize the skin.

Nettle Leaf is thought to have natural astringent properties which aid in treating skin issues such as greasy skin, dry, itchy and inflamed skin due to insect bites, and even eczema. 

Indigo Powder is said to smooth and brighten skin tone.

Colloidal Oats have anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe irritated and/or dry skin by locking in moisture and allowing rehydration to occur. It is also said to help balance the skin’s natural pH levels 

Goat's Milk is said to contain Vitamin A and fatty acids that help soften the skin. Along with that, it contains probiotics which are said to aid in regeneration of normal skin flora.  

Elevate your cleansing ritual with the essence of tranquility.

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      Michele Chapman

      I use this particular soap as a shampoo bar, though I don't believe it was intended as such. It soothes my scalp and leaves my hair soft and full.

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      Cut at approximately 4.5 oz. All bars are cut by hand and sizes may vary slightly from bar to bar. They are handcrafted in small batches for the best quality using the cold process method. Color may vary slightly for each bar. 

      Products are made with all natural ingredients; we suggest checking the ingredient list before use to ensure you do not have any known allergies to the ingredients.

      Saponified Oils of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Hempseed Oil, Castor Oil, Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter, Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Rosemary Essential Oils, Goats Milk Powder, Kaolin Clay, Colloidal Oats, Indigo & nettle leaf.