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The Broken Circle Soap Co.

Citrus Lip Scrub

Citrus Lip Scrub

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Energize your lips with the invigorating essence of our Citrus Lip Scrub.

Infused with the vibrant zest of citrus fruits and the gentle exfoliation of natural sugar crystals, this scrub effortlessly buffs away dry, flaky skin, revealing a renewed and radiant smile.

Let the refreshing citrus aroma awaken your senses as you indulge in the natural power of citrus to revitalize your lips. Uncover the magic of all-natural exfoliation, and experience the transformation that the uplifting touch of citrus can bring to your daily self-care ritual.

Embrace a rejuvenated pout that's as vibrant as you are.

Customer Reviews

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A Maine winter staple

This lip scrub has transformed my very chapped lips. It is powerful enough to exfoliate but gentle enough to not leave your lips raw. (Ladies we have all used a lip scrub that takes more than just the dead skin off!) I'll be using this during Maine's cold winter!

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Take a pea sized amount and gently scrub onto lips. Rinse off the excess revealing your most moisturized lips. Want an even better feeling? Follow up with our lip butter for the ultimate hydration. 

Products are made with all natural ingredients; we suggest checking the ingredient list before use to ensure you do not have any known allergies to the ingredients.

Sugar, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Vitamin E Oil, Lemon Extract